Oh good grief! It’s 10:30 and I seem to be exploring new heights of avoiding writing. I thought I’d share a few with you:

  1. Drive around several blocks to see if the tire noise I heard yesterday is still happening - it isn’t.
  2. Change the color cartridge in my printer - okay, this is legit since the email my client sent is in colors and long enough for me to print, read and contemplate.
  3. Dig the carpet sweeper out of the car and sweep the new rug
  4. Try to open two mysterious files from the client - okay, these need to be opened or something, but not today.
  5. Make yet another coffee - may actually be required today.
  6. Call a different client about something that doesn’t need to be solved today.
  7. Call a friend for moral support - I haven’t, but I might.
  8. Call a friend and bookend - actually might be a good idea.
  9. Search Craigslist for a couch.
  10. Search Craigslist for another rug
Sigh! What’s your favorite way to avoid writing?
Write well and often,

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