How many of you recognize this scenario, or something like it?
You give a client two styles of writing, and they choose one. You dig deep and send them a couple of thousand words in the style they picked and email it off with your fingers crossed.
A couple of days later, an email from the client arrives in your mail box and you just know it’s their response to what you sent… but you have no idea if they will like what you did or not. You can’t quite bring yourself to open it right away so you… make a cup of coffee and come back to the computer, and taking a deep breath, open the email.
In my most recent example of this, my client absolutely loved what I had sent. But it doesn’t always happen that way. In fact, the same client had not liked the original sample at all.
How do you handle the email you know will tell you you’re on track or not?
Write well and often,

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