I don’t know about you, but when I tell someone I’m a freelance writer I seem to get one of two basic responses:

Total lack of interest, or,
Fascination of one sort or another, usually with me ending up feeling like they don’t realize I’m human.
The people who are fascinated seem to view freelance writing much the way I did before I actually became one. As I recall, I pictured fame, fortune, and, I don’t know, a life of ease and glamor. I knew I’d never struggle for a word, phrase, or to hone an idea so it made sense on paper. I’d be perpetually creative.
Yeah! Right!
Which is why I was delighted to see 8 Ways to Reclaim Our Childhood Creativity over at the LifeDev blog. On Mark’s list, my favorites are “be silly” and “naps!” “Naps” is probably my most favorite.
What about you? How do you maintain your creativity?
Write well and often,

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