An online questionnaire polled 15,000 members of the Japanese internet community MyVoice about their feelings towards online games. The sample was 54 percent female, 2 percent teen, 16 percent twenty-something, 37 percent thirty-something, 28 percent forty-something and 17 percent fifty-something. An amazing half of them say they are not really into online games.
Q). How interested are you in online games?
Really interested 6.1 percent
Quite interested 20.7 percent
Can’t say either way 12.4 percent
Not very interested 26.5 percent
Not interested at all 34.3 percent
Q). On what sort of device do you play online games?
Windows PC 27.3 percent
Portable games machine 14.5 percent
Home console 12.9 percent
Mobile phone 9.9 percent
Macintosh 1.1 percent
Other 0.4 percent
Don’t play online games 59.9 percent
Q). How long have you been playing online games?
Less than a year 23.7 percent
One to two years 16.9 percent
Two to three years 15.6 percent
Three to four years 8.4 percent
Four to five years 5.3 percent
Five or more years 18.5 percent
No answer 11.6 percent
This and subsequent questions have over 10% no answerers, but the reason for this is not obvious.
Q). About how often do you play online games?
Almost every day 11.3 percent
Four to six days a week 7.5 percent
Two or three days a week 13.1 percent
Once a week 16.9 percent
Less than that 39.1 percent
No answer 12.1 percent
Q). What kinds of online games do you play?
Puzzle game 36.1 percent
Table game 34.6 percent
Card game 28.2 percent
Action game 11.3 percent
Simulation game 10.7 percent
Sports game 9.6 percent
Shooting game 4.5 percent
Race game 3.9 percent
War game 3.2 percent
Other 10.8 percent
No answer 12.6 percent
Q). What image do you have of online games?
Geekish 25.6 percent
Easy to get into 23.1 percent

Expensive to play 21.6 percent
For young people 20.8 percent
Lots of bad-mannered players 17.2 percent
Fun intercourse between players 14.5 percent
Complicated instructions and difficult to understand 13.4 percent
Lots of trouble between players 13.2 percent
Can design my own avatar 11.4 percent
Lots of system trouble 10.1 percent
Beautiful graphics 7.8 percent
Insufficient user support 6.6 percent
Lots of things to do so won’t get bored 6.4 percent
Difficult to register 6.2 percent
None of the above 14.9 percent
No answer 3.6 percent
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