We already know that HD-DVD got pounded by Blu-ray in the Ultimate Battle of Ultimate Media Destiny, thus giving the Playstation 3 that much more of an advantage in this wacky next-gen console race. There might be a bit of a twist, however: Word’s gotten out that Microsoft is considering Blu-ray for the Xbox 360, and what’s more, Sony’s help has been enlisted.
Interesting turn of events if this proves to be true. I can imagine Sony smiling at Bill Gates’ request (after scrambling to hide the face-shaped dartboards): “Sure, Mr Gates, when we’re done, every Xbox 360 console will have an internal Blu-ray player. Just leave it to us.”
Exactly one year to the day, a sombre-faced news anchor makes an emergency broadcast. “Nobody knows exactly what triggered these mass stink-bomb explosions, but police have noticed a trend between the affected households and the Xbox 360 consoles within…”
Me and my silly daydreams.
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