News has just come out that the PlayStation 3 version of BlackSite (aka BlackSite: Area 51) is shipping to Europe. If you haven’t heard of BlackSite, then it’s about time you get out of that monastery for some sunlight.
Reception for BlackSite was so bad that even one of its own developers said “the project was so ****ed up.” Who’s this developer, you ask? It’s Harvey Smith of Deus Ex fame. He now works at Midway. Used to, at least.
It’s no surprise that Smith left the company a day after his remarks.
The FPS is coming out in Europe so who knows? It might actually sell better there since it is common knowledge that this part of the world is PlayStation 3 land.
Any gamers from Europe looking to get this game?
Image for BlackSite: Area 51 is courtesy of Midway Games.
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