Game Developer magazine weighed sales numbers, review scores, and developer reputation (through a poll of industry professionals) and came up with the Top 50 Developers . If you’ve got an extra $3K laying around, you can download a more comprehensive version that includes the nitty gritty of the statistical analysis and feedback, but for those of us who don’t have that kind of expendable income, we’ll have to settle for a simple list. Nintendo Kyoto, the studio behind Wii Play and Brain Age, snagged the top spot, with the rest of the Top 5 going a little something like this:
  1. Nintendo Kyoto
  2. Infinity Ward — CoD4
  3. Blizzard Entertainment — WoW
  4. EA Canada — FIFA Soccer 08
  5. Valve — Portal
The rest of the rankings can be found at
Great to see so many Canadian companies in the top half of that list. The Great White North is really turning into a hot-bed of development talent.
Via | Next-Gen
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