There’s been a lot of recent fuss and muss over Spore coming to iPhone. Could this be the start of a serious rivalry between cellphone games and portable systems like the PSP and DS?
Anyone who’s familiar with the cellphone scene in Japan knows the score here. Quick tour: Cellphones in Japan do everything short of wiping your bum, and you can bet Nokia’s working on a portable biday function as I type this. Sure, it seems like American cellphones are the height of technology, but if phone production was a race, American cellphones would only now be dragging itself across finish line by its worn-down fingernails. Korea and Europe, barely sweating, are picnicking under the shade of a tree. Japan went home ages ago to make love to its DS, which it still adores.
Cellphone games won’t be replacing portable systems any time soon. But I will admit up front that I’m throwing myself in front of whichever system first gives us Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X2 and/or Mega Man: Powered Up 2, AND/OR Mega Man Legends 3.
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