You know that your video game is off-the-charts popular when things like this start happening:
Video game publisher Activision has agreed to sponsor the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s exhibit of real life guitar heroes like Johnny Cash and Jerry Garcia. Not only that, but the exhibit will also feature a demo kiosk that allows visitors a chance to try their own skills at Activision’s Guitar Hero game. Great idea really, allowing the common man to have their two minutes of fame alongside some of the greatest musicians ever known. Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to rock the hallowed halls?
The grin on the Activision sales and marketing team must be a mile wide, and rightly so! I mean really, could you get any better product placement? The game publisher is also stepping in to sponsor the annual induction ceremony, taking place at New York’s Waldorf Astoria this year, on Monday March 10th, 2008.
Why not just call it the Activision Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
Via | GameSpot
Image by Jason Pratt via Wikipedia
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