Ahh, ChinaJoy. Just the mere mention of it brings memories of scantily clad women, uhmm, I mean cosplaying models. But this is MMOtaku and we’re here to talk about ChinaJoy’s relation to online games and nothing else. Well, nearly nothing else.
Perhaps I should just let the press release do the talking:
In order to give game developers and operators as well as investors a better understanding of the Chinese online game industry, the committee of ChinaJoy 2008 will host the Sixth Chinese International Digital Interactive Entertainment Summit Forum during the three-day event.
In this forum, officials from the Chinese government will explain the policies related to the Chinese online game industry. Game operators, developers and investors will also introduce their rich experiences to the audience. This event is by far the biggest and most influential international forum in the industry.
It is interesting to note that the increased awareness of the video games industry in online games is being brought about by the amazing leap in revenues from the online gaming market in China. In 2007, the market generated 10.57 billion yuan, an increase of 61.5 percent from figures of the previous year.
ChinaJoy 2008, which will be hosted by the China News and Press Bureau, China Science Technology, China Sports Bureau, Information Office of the Chinese State Department, Chinese Nation Copyright Bureau, and the Shanghai Government, will be held between July 17 and 19.
Keep coming back for more news on ChinaJoy 2008. Meantime, content yourself by viewing these photographs from last year’s ChinaJoy.
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