Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has all the gaming media jabbering about the possibility after comments he made during the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference last week. In discussing future directions for their enormously successful Call of Duty franchise, Kotick quietly dropped the following:
When you think about other properties that we own and control like Call of Duty, and what would be the natural evolution of a property like Call of Duty into a massively multiplayer environment… How do you monetize that?”
It doesn’t seem like much of a commitment if taken at face value, especially coming from Activision, a publisher not exactly known for forays into MMORPGs, but as you’ll no doubt recall, the biggest merger in gaming history is in process between Activision and…Blizzard Entertainment. With Activision’s franchise and Blizzard’s expertise, a Call of Duty MMO might not be so far-fetched.
At this point I’d like to express mild concern that the rampant aggravation in multiplayer versions of shooters would only be magnified a thousand fold in the incestuous breeding ground of MMO chat, but hey, nothing’s perfect. I don’t think there’s any need for me to go squealing off like a true FPS fan girl…I’m pretty darn excited by the prospect.
GameSpot Via | Wired
Image from Activision European Publishing
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