Kind of a quiet day for Sony news. Actually, game news in general is pretty dismal today. Between Super Smash Bros Brawl and the release of the omg zerg rush kekeke Starcraft II trailer, everyone else in the industry has opted to sit in a corner and clip their toenails.
Speaking of a head-on collision between Sony and Nintendo, the sound library for Smash Brows Brawl includes a track of Metal Gear Solid 4. Listening to the track makes me feel like a six year old listening to bad words on prime time television (”Can they do that?”).
Snake actually kind of sticks out in Brawl, which is not surprising since he’s considerably taller and more flesh-coloured than Kirby and most species of Pokemon. Snake’s not one to let himself be intimidated, though. Not even by the moderately eerie children from the Earthbound series. Actually, he’ll no doubt find a friend in Samus, since they’re kind of cut from the same stock.
Truthfully, I think they make a smoking hot pair. This realisation is comforting to me because lately I’ve been worried that I’m turning into a real grown-up with actual productive thoughts.
I suppose there’s nothing left for me except to go play Brawl. I feel a bit like Kent Brockman after he won the Lottery on The Simpsons:
“Uh, in other news…tragic mix-up in Cleveland today…many people killed…um…G’bye!
(Image courtesy of Smash Bros’ official site)
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