inflections and I don’t know why!? I find I do this with everything from French, Spanish, Southern American, British… ANY time I am either around people with accents or even just from watching tv or listening to music, I start to take on the speech patterns!

If I watch too much BBC, I start putting British inflections on what I say…

If I watch too much Squidbillies, I start using southern inflections!

It is just the strangest thing, I have to watch myself sometimes and specifically make an effort to use my ‘normal’, Chicago-Speak or Arizona-Speak when I’m out! (There is a rather large difference between Chicago-Speak and Arizona-Speak.)

Is this just part of my Creative Nature?

Is this part of the reason that I can sing in other languages?

I don’t speak any language but American English but I can understand the jist of Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, and even some Japanese but I can’t answer back.

It just freaks me out that I start to speak so differently some times without realizing it.