...then fled how can i find them? So On my way to work that morning was passing an intersection that leads to a a hill, got to the top of that small hill where it opens up into 2 lanes. There was a gravel truck parked on the side of the road on the right lane then in the left lane there was an SUV that was hardly moving. I changed into the right and then so did they almost so to stay directly in front of me. I went back to the left then again they followed I got on the brakes and again tried to go to the right then they slammed on their brakes and I hit the back of them and slid on the ground for a bit then they sped off like a bat outta hell by the time I got up I could only get an idea of the kind of suv. A tan honda CRV type I believe or something similar i know it was a nicer SUV with tinted windows and now a nice new smashed rear bumper. The most noticeable thing for me was the back window as it all happened so fast. More rounded on the top and smaller than the bottom corners similar to the CRV. Im left empty handed right now. Multiple items on my person and in my back pack are broken or ruined, the bike itself burnt completely to the ground nothing can be salvaged, insurance is being horrible to work with since the other driver left basically im on my own until i can find them. Any help would be greatly appreciated and as much as i think it was this persons intentions to cause this accident it scares me to think that they are still out on the road. Given the niceness of the vehicle i think it is from that area there are a lot of upscale homes there. Ive tried contacting local newspapers and tv stations in hopes for some kind of ad to be posted but i havent heard anything. the police officer wont return my multiple phone calls. The adds ive posted on craigslist have either turned up awful leads or trolls. I dont know if i should just give up now its been a full week and ive gotten now where.