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    What are some other riddle games like Black Magic and the Valley of the Green Glass

    Doors? I love riddle games like these for car trips esp. when some people know the answer and a few don't. It's sooo much fun to tease the people who don't get it and try to help them figure it out.
    Just so you know The Valley of the Green Glass Doors is played by saying "In the Valley of the Green Glass doors you can bring..." And then list only words with double letters like "yellow giraffes" and then list things that cannot be taken such as "brown monkeys".

    Black Magic is played by pointing at multiple things and saying "This chair is not black magic. That door is not black magic. Your teeth are not black magic. His socks are not black magic" Then you point to something that IS black, and then the next thing you point to IS black magic.

    So every non-black thing you point to is not black magic, and then after you point to something black, the next thing you point to is black magic.

    Black magic is anything after you pointed to something black.

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    the umbrella game which u say im bringing um... a pillow. if they say im bringing a hat. u say they cant bring it. if they say im bringing um.. a friend u say yes. the trick is if they say um in the word or before it they can bring it so if someone says im bringing gum, an umbrella, or any other word with um they can bring it too. some hints to tell people are: think about the title (its UMbrella) or tell them to think outloud!

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    picnic game

    another game is the picnic game. u say im going on a picnic and im bringing ___ and ____. then u ask someone what r u bringing? thy will say what they r taking n u say yes or no. say yea if the 2 items they bring r their annicials ex: name sally j, bringing soda and jelly. she cab bring it. if she tries bring jelly and soda then no. if she brings soda and hats say u can bring soda but not hats and if they guess hats and plates say no.

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    the stick gAme game #3

    Also the stick games is fun. hold 2 fingers of oppisite hands up and say this is a stick (about 1 figer) then say about the other finger and thisbis a stick. then put the fingers together in a plus sign, x , or. any shape and say is this a stick? if they answer yes they r wrong if they say no they r right. inorder for it to be a stick u need to start by saying okay. this is a stick and this is a stick... if u dont say ok the shape isnt a stick but if u do it is ( u dont have to use finers u could use spoons or whatever)

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    The Elephant Game in which you say something like, "There are twelve elephants in the basement and three under the bed. How many elephants are there?" The answer for that would be 5, because the question "How many elephants are there" has five words.

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    Check2 chinese rope writing

    Chinese rope writing.
    1st you send 1 person in the group who knows the secret out of the room and together, everyone chooses whos name the writer (who also knows the secret) will write the name of. the writer then makes some random shape out of the string. when the person who left returns, they must guess whos name is written. TRICK: The writer will stand in the exact same pose as the person whos name is written. If the name is the writers, the writer will simply cross their arms over their chest.

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    Stop don't make me do this

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    Good Ones

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