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    Jul 2008

    Is it okay to make my teen daughters wear diapers on long car trips?

    I want to get to my destination without stopping!

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    I think it's perfectly fine. I have my 13 year old daughter in diapers on trips and she uses them for everything. I change her diaper at the destination when we arrive. She doesn't seem to mind being put in the diaper (by me), using it (for wetting and messing) or being changed after, by me. If you need to diaper your teenager, I say go for it.

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    I think it's perfectly fine to diaper your thirteen year old daughter. I diaper my daughters too and they are 13 and 15 and they tend to want the bathroom a lot in the car so I just diaper them before we leave the house and they so their stuff in their diapers and get changed at the place we were travelling to unless they do a messy diaper in which case I'll change them at a gas station or just pull over and get them changed by laying down in the back seats. Many people think it is bad for parents to put their teenagers in diapers and especially to change them too but they're still kids! I think it's fine, and it's much easier for parents to change their diapers than let the kid do it. Just put her in a diaper and though she'll probably object at first, be firm and consistent and tell her she needs to wear one for car trips then get her laid down and get her diaper on. Make sure you explain to her when her diaper will be changed and that it will be changed by you. Good luck!

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    um im teen and i would enjoy wereing the diapers instead of stopping, because you can stop to go to the bathroom but waste more time. And it would be better if a parent changed me. I'm 13 and I would like it. But then again I'm a teen baby which means i enjoy wering them. to bad i can only do it in secrecy. So go ahead diaper them

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    let them wear them i am 22 years old and still wear diapers. diapers are not that bad its just like underwear but yet it protects u wen a bathroom is not around

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    Get a diaper on her during trips. My daughter and I went on a long trip last year to visit my sister and it was the first long trip I've really been on with her and on the way there I had to make so many bathroom stops it was a nightmare! So on the way back I told her she'd be wearing diapers which of course she completely rejected at first especially since I told her they'd be put on and changed by me (this is much easier and quicker than teaching her to diaper herself) when we had to leave I told her to get laid on the bed for the diapers but she wouldnt however after spanking she cooperated and I got her a diaper on, but then as I thought she was ok we had the same stroppy 14 year old when it came to needing the bathroom. I told her I wasn't stopping and she needed to use the diaper which she objected to as she needed to do a poopy but I didnt stop so we ended up with a poopy diaper eventually. I pulled into a nearby parking lot and changed her on the backseat which she hated but it was quicker than going to the diaper change station inside. We had a few wets on the rest of the journey which were changed at home and all in all it was a really good idea to diaper her, and every since then she's had diapers on journeys mire than 45 mins. She doesnt like the diaper but she knows she will be wearing it when we go on a trip so she just cooperates now. Get your teenager in a diaper and save yourself a lot of time!

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    ONLY put your teen in diapers if she needs to NOT if its just for convenience. putting her in diapers for long periods regularly could make her incontinent. also the last poster you said you SPANKED your child.
    However, if you do decide to diaper your child PLEASE follow the following steps if you want to be a good parent:
    1.Get the disposabele pull-ups, these are really easy to put on, just like normal underwear
    2.Let them put them on themselves, take your child to the bathroom, tell them to USE the toilet so she wont need to go as quickly on the journey and to put the diaper on.
    3.Wait outside the bathroom. When your child gets out the bathroom do a quick "diaper check", just get them to pull down their trousers, pull up skirt/dress and show you the diaper-this will take two seconds.
    4.on the journey when she needs to change her nappy (when shes pooped) just pull in and keep the diapers in an opaque bag. Give this bag to her and tell her to go to the toilet and change her diaper. This way she can also use toilet paper to prevent nappy-rash.
    5. When she gets back make her do another quick discreet "diaper check" in the car.

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    Also, to add to my last post if, when you do a "diaper check" she isn't wearing a diaper explain to her that YOU will be changing all her diapers for that particular journey and put her in a diaper. Then, on the next journey let her do it again.

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    Umm.... those stories are fucking hot and at the same time fucked up. Why would you embarrass your child like that? Would you want the same if you were their age? Plus hormones in teens cause things. Treating your kid like that can be a great attack of self esteem. I hope you guys are just trolls.

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