There is a way to get updates of your team’s commits via Twitter. Just download the python-twyt package and you can use a command line client called twyt which will let other people be updated.
According to Andy Price’s blog post:
Sally the software maintainer wants to let her development team keep track of repository commits while they’re away from their computers. She installs python-twyt, sets up a Twitter account for her project and tells twyt the username and password for that account. She then writes a shell script which parses from the email details such as the short commit log and the link to the commit diff in the repository’s web interface and calls:
twyt tweet “$devname $shortlog $link”
Sally also sets up a procmail rule to pipe emails from her project’s commits list into her script.
So yeah, if you are in a development team and you’d also like to update via Twitter, you just need to download this library which you could use.
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