This has been an ongoing concern for me. I will try to make it short.

For over a year the new AT&T has messed up my account month after month and I have to call every 30 days and remain on the phone with yet another cust. service rep for 2 to 3 hours having to explain the concern. Each month I am told it is resolved and yet Im am still calling , When a new bill cycle comes it starts all over again due to the large mistakes still taking place. I have been with cingular for almost 6 years, have 5 phone lines and give them several thousands of dollars per year. I have called the Office of the president and have left 3 voicemails, called the contact supervisor and has yet after a week to return my call to get this problem resolved. I NEED THE DIRECT NUMBER TO THE PRESIDENT OF AT&T wireless. I am livid at how things have happened and the disrepsect the company shows towards a loyal consumer. Please if anyone has a direct number I need it badly. My next step is to contact fcc, ftc, bbb, ect. I can not understand with all the mistakes, hours taken away from my family and still no resolve. Please anyone, help.