So on Friday 8/8/08, one of the ATT technician guy came out to do some work on the phone box outside. He cut all the our line. We don't have services w/ ATT but our tenant purchase the ATT U-verse. When they came out to do all the wires, they had cut our line, put the tenant line into our line. So whoever was calling our tenant was calling us and whoever was calling us wasn't getting anyone. Yesterday another ATT guy came out to fix the problem, he wouldn't fix our line. He said they only got the order to fix the tenant's line. So what he did was put us out of service and put the tenant back in service. He told me I should call my phone company and have them send someone out to fix it. The thing is ATT did the damage ATT should be the one to repair it. We didn't ask to cut our line. The man ATT sent out didn't even know what he was doing. Even if he didn't tell my tenant could see due to how he was working. Now I don't have any phone service b/c ATT's worker cut our line off. I shouldn't have to call my phone company to fix it since it was ATT's fault. All I want now is for ATT to send someone out ASAP to fix what they messed up.

Who should I contact? My phone company? or ATT? I contacted ATT via internet yesterday and haven't heard anything yet.

what should I do or what am i suppose to do? any suggestion would help.