so far the only careers that "fit" the whole description of what i want to do in life is a fashion publicist.
but it doesnt really cover what i want do do:
-organize fashion shows.
-decide what each model is going to wear for photoshooots/shows.
-decide what their hair/make-up/accesories is going to be.
i think its also called a wardrobe consultant, but i dont want to work for one individual only, i want to work for a big company or a magazine,

i also want to get a my minor in: graphic design/journalism with a major in fashion,

so i could get more doors open in the magazine world as either a journalist or a graphic design,

my main question is: to do what i want do do(select what each model is going to wear at shows/photoshoots) id have to be a Wardrobe Consultant or a Fashion Publicist?