About a painfully beautiful and annoyingly shallow girl (one of the ex's)

I'm walking a trail,
that no one else will walk,
and I'm thinking of things,
no one else has thought,
and I'm trying my hardest,
but I'm still reflected,
and I can't find my way,
if my heart isn't connected,
I try and I try,
but it doesn't make sense,
and still you mock me,
past, future, present tense,
If I make one mistake,
you tell me I'm fake,
and you tell me to break,
slowly I bend,
but I'm starting to shake.
I'm losing it,
I'm really losing,
passion and thought,

there slowly fusing,
I'm holding on to something,
but I'm losing my grip,
Life is a scale,
and it will tip,
your hearts a dagger,
and all it does is slice,
and behind your swagger,
all you have is ice,