The*Times of Londonis reporting that professional tennis umpires have threatened to boycott officiating Serena Williamsí future matches after she accused sitting officiant Carlos Ramos of ďstealingĒ her points in the US Open. One of the umpiresí bones of contention, supposedly, is that*The Womenís Tennis Association (WTA) and United States Tennis Association (USTA) have backed Williamsí claims of sexism in Ramosí docking the tennis star of two points, which may have cost her the final against Naomi Osaka. BBC News set out to end the sexism debate early on Wednesday*by aggregating data*that seems to suggest that Williamsí treatment was not sexist*ó women playing the*four 2018 tennis Grand Slams had slightly*fewer deductions, on average, than their male counterparts.*But race was not taken into account in this calculus.