It's no secret that Los Pedran Jalop is not a massive Porsche obsessive. Most of his favorite sons of Ferdinand are racing vehicles, with only the 550 Coupe and 928 to really stoke his passions. But there's something about the new GT3 RS. It's the most immediately soulful road car Porsche has produced since the 928 left the line. A different beast to be sure, but an assured loin-stirrer it is, even to oddball dorks who've always loved 914s and think 912s are rad. It is an undeniable car, and we constantly castigate people who buy mere GT3s for not going full-awesome and waiting for the RS. We do not say this lightly, but the new GT3 RS is simply one of the coolest cars Porsche has ever built. And at a time when German cars are getting consistently more complex, to their own detriment, the latest Rennsport 911 has arrived to restore the mantle of merely essential awesome. As Ferry himself said, "This is why functional designs are so beautiful; so calming." We'd add that they look fabulous in wild-ass-yet-somehow-understated color schemes too. And with that, we hand things over to Mr. Needell to simply race the coked-up snail along Castle Coombe's asphalt straight razor. – Davey G. Johnson
[via Autoblog]

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