Next up in the Down On The Alameda Street series is this '60 Caddy coupe that parks on the busiest street in town. During the last year, drunks have taken out several parked cars on either side of this gigantic finmobile, but the Caddy has remained intact.

This car is a Sixty-Two Coupe, which was the "entry-level" Cadillac for 1960.

Being a two-door makes this Detroit dreadnaught look even longer than it really is. It's missing a few trim pieces and has some rough spots, but it's a nice solid original 47-year-old car.

The Sixty-Two Coupe came standard with a 325-horse 390, but an extra $134.40 would get you the same 345-horse mill used in the Eldorado.

This car doesn't get driven every day, but it's no cosseted car-show queen. It's still out there, showing the flag.

That headlight assembly looks like something off a battleship! (Insert rant here about how Detroit Used To Have Style)

The incredible excess of the '59 Cadillac gets all the attention, but in my opinion the '60 is the best-looking of all the Cadillacs made during the Tailfin Era. It still has the space-agey fins and rocket-exhaust taillights, but without the extra 500 pounds of rococo nonsense you got with the '59.
The lesson here is that Detroit needs to bring back the fins. Fins, baby, fins! – Murilee Martin
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