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    How do I put a playlist on my sony walkman?

    I have a sony walkman nwz-s615f and I can't figure out how to put playlists on it. Can anyone help?

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    The quickest way...
    1. Plug in the USB connection. The computer responds with a 'what to do?' window... select view the files. I.e., get the Walkman contents opened into a kind of file management window at the operating system level. That is, I'm NOT using any player or music management program for this.

    - you could also bypass that option and go through the My Computer icon to access the device directly... again opening a window for the device.

    2. In fact, do both options above (or the latter option twice) so as to open TWO separate windows at the same time on your desktop.

    3. in one... open the playlists folder... in the other window, open the music folder and advance through the music library folders to locate the actual music mp3 files.

    xxx. for me... I already had atleast one *.pla file in the playlist folder. That's a playlist file. If you have one there, then proceed. But, lacking any at all... having none... I'm not sure... I'll tag a note at the end of this to address the having none issue.

    4. So, with atleast one PLA file in the playlist folder you can right click and select Copy/Paste to make new playlists (even if the content is not what you want). I'd suggest doing this and then deleting the contents to have and keep a blank playlist for future replication. That is, the file exists (blank.pla) but there are no music files referenced.

    5. right click a playlist file and select preferences to open a small window... then select the references tab. That will show you the music file references that make up that play list.

    6. you can drag from your other window (showing actual song files) the music files directly into this "preferences-references" window. This creates a references link (a kind of shortcut) directly in the playlist. You can rearrange the order or delete entries in the list using the icons shown in the playlist (references) window.
    - so, drag & drop is the method.

    7. when finished... just close windows, unplug, etc. and you're ready to go.

    NO PLAYLISTS... I said above, I wasn't sure. So, I tried creating a plain text file and renaming it with a pla. When I moved it to the playlist window it seemed to allow the same editing described above but FAILED to operate in playback and was not recognized. That that won't work.
    But > I know this will work: Plug in your walkman and open Microsoft Media Player. You'll have to do a "sync" TO the walkman (not the other way around). Try to create a new playlist with some simple name ON THE WALKMAN (not in the computer's harddisk library contents). You could try dragging any content into the new playlist but that step might be unnecessary. Perform any SAVE or whatever you think might be required... then disconnect. Afterward, see if that playlist is showing in the walkman... if it is... then goback to STEP 1 above. Just be careful to always keep at least one playlist (blank or otherwise) available to edit with the above procedure.

    I'm Dr. J. Galloway at: Dr. Jerry P. Galloway

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    Star Blue Fixed

    Thankyou so much! Sorted out all my problems. Cant beleive sony hasnt come up with an easier way! I would have never worked this out alone. thanks again


  4. #4

    Certificate Thank you!!!!

    I big thanks from me too! I was ready to throw my walkman against a wall and go back to ipods but thanks to you I'm a born again walkman lover. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. #5

    Thanks a million...

    I was also getting pissed off with this stupid format...
    Thanks again!

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    Wow. This totally helped me. I was using Zoidberg's MTP, which worked like a charm back in Windows XP, but I was experiencing issues in Windows 7. Thanks a lot!

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    make a playlist in windows media player and sync it with the walk man, transfers the songs and the list in one shot.... much much easier

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    omg! this totally helped! thank you!!!

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    helped me out too - thanks.

    i also found another way to make a playlist just through windows explorer.

    - right click on a song in your walkman music folder & select "Create Playlist"
    - right click on the new .pla file created and select Properties -> References tab
    - the song you chose should appear in the list view
    - now just drag as many more songs you want into that list view and click ok.
    - Voila

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    helped me out too - thanks.

    i also found another way to make a playlist just through windows explorer.

    - right click on a song in your walkman music folder & select "Create Playlist"
    - right click on the new .pla file created and select Properties -> References tab
    - the song you chose should appear in the list view
    - now just drag as many more songs you want into that list view and click ok.
    - Voila
    You, sir, are a God.

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