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    Jun 2008

    Where can I buy djarum clove cigarettes now that they're banned by the FDA?

    Thanks to our wonderful president giving the FDA more power than they should have, I can't legally buy these cigarettes in the US. can anyone tell me where can I have them imported from?

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    Mar 2009
    Why would you smoke cloves when you can smoke sweet, sweet tobacco?

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    100% n00b PurEcstasy's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    it depends on what type of cloves you smoke. i personally smoke Djarum Splash which is part of Djarum's international brand of products as oppose to their Indonesia product line. (Welcome to Djarum if you want more specific info)


    1. Djarum now has Djarum Little Cigars available for their international brands, ie blacks, spash, bali hai, etc. they have less in a pack and i'm told they have a slighty different taste that appears to be from the wrapper. i have no personally tried these as I just found out how djarum got slightly around the ban with this cigar thing and haven't gotten to a smoke shop to pick them up.

    2. you can buy them on ebay but most of them are super uber expensive..i'm talking 20+bucks for1 pack...crazy ridiculous. i've been selling mine for 11 bucks a pack on there which is only 1.50 bucks more than i used to pay for them in my town (near nyc, in nyc they easily sold for 11-12 bucks BEFORE the ban)

    3. there ARE international clove cig sellers online however through searching dozens of them i've not found ANY that offer the international brands such as Splash and Bali Hai (I AM A SPLASH SMOKER) they do have the blacks, specials, supers, menthol, etc. but also keep this in mind when ordering internationally for cigarettes, less cigs per pack sometimes and less packs per cartoon. so do your research before purchasing. most sites tell you straight out but some don't.

    HOPE SOME OF THIS INFO HELPS. SORRY IF SOME OF IT IS A BIG INACCURATE, I ALWAYS SAY RESEARCH STUFF ON YOUR OWN DON'T TAKE SOMEONE'S WORD FOR IT. MOST. I went through a boatload of websites and this info is a culmination of all those sites and info.

    feel free to pm me if anything i posted is unclear
    Last edited by PurEcstasy; 10-24-2009 at 03:33 PM.

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    The post above from PurEcstacy is correct about everything, except they left out 1 important point that I am personally experiencing.

    When you purchase Clove Cigarettes from an international website, there is always a risk that US customs will nab it before it ever makes it to you. I don't see how they could actually keep it for any extended period of time (because it's not illegal to purchase clove cigarettes from an international website, it is only illegal to sell them here in the U.S.), but they can sure make it difficult for you to get them in a timely manner.

    The following is straight from US customs home page in reference to holding an item:

    "If Customs has detained your package for some reason - for example, lack of a proper invoice, bill of sale, or other documentation, a possible trademark violation, or if the package requires a formal entry, the Customs International Mail Branch holding it will notify you of the reason for detention (in writing) and how you can get it released. When you have fulfilled the requirements necessary to effect release, Customs will clear the package, note how much duty is owed, and return it to the Postal Service for delivery. Usually, you will receive notification in a matter of days, but it can take as long as 30-45 days."

    Any luck on finding splash for sale online?

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    Unfortunately, the reason that US Customs can keep the package is simply about money. Even worse, they were able to do this before the ban was enacted in September.
    When retail tobacconists ordered these tasty cigarettes, they had to pay an import tax which would then allow the package to go through customs. If an individual were to have been purchased directly from Indonesia, he/she would have avoided the import tax; thus, "allowing" customs to confiscate the shipment and send that lovely note reminding you that they can tax anything they want and you can't do anything about it, but frame that crappy piece of paper.

    As for the new clove cigars, I enjoyed the Bali Hai cigarettes and quickly bought up what little stock the local cigar stores carried before the ban. I recently ran out... I went to purchase the new Bali Hai cigars to no avail; at that time they only carried the Splash cigars (I did smoke the Splash cigarettes when I wasn't able to purchase the Bali Hais before the ban). Let me tell you, it was not the same. It seemed a bit harsher and tasted more of the wrapper then the actual tobacco. I think over time, it won't seem as harsh. However it does beat regular cigarettes any day of the week.
    I'm still in hopes and prayers that I get my hands on some Bali Hais soon.
    I have checked out Famous Smoke Shop online and they do offer Djarum cigars. I do know of the company because they are about an hour and a half away. And I have heard that they do ship in a timely fashion 100% of the time. (I know this is important to not get screwed by the government and then the company who you paid money to and hope to get your product from).
    Good Luck All!

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    I enjoy the splash myself and current have friends in other countries looking to have them mailed and have run across that on the nov 16 it will be illeagal to have any tobacco mailed

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    I have bought Djarum Special, Djarum Black, and Djarum Black-Vanilla mini cigars from my local smoke shop. Most places that used to carry Djarums don't even know about the mini cigars.

    They are very close to the original kreteks in flavor, only 12 to a box, a little cheaper than the cigarettes were, and smoke a little slower (thicker than a regular kretek).

    If you can't find them, look for cigar and smoke shops nearby.

    I just stopped smoking (actually switched to an e-cigarette) 2 weeks ago so I no longer need to jump through the hoops.

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    I myself do collect Djarum Cigarettes of 16 in pack which banned by FDA, I want to buy Djarum Bali Hai (2 diff), Djarum Vanilla, Light, Special, etc. Recently I found those Djarum Cigarette listed on eBay but has been removed without a real reasons. Those cigarettes are sold in USA, and I never see it in Indonesia. So where I could buy it ?
    my e-mail address : FLTEFILA@YAHOO.COM

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    Banned Djarums

    Email me if you are looking for where to get the banned Djarum Cloves.

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    looking for pre ban Djarums???

    If anyone is looking for pre ban Djarums I have a few cartons left.

    Blacks, Specials, Lights, Menthol, Cherry, Bali Hai, ETC

    Email me at and I can get some to you. Thanks

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