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    Flashlight The Marlboro Man is Dead

    I have purchased the Djarum Black by the carton from before the ban was enacted by our glorious leader. I never had any problems getting them. I recently placed another order and found this post because I was looking for information on whether they would be confiscated by customs because of the new laws.

    From what I understand, it is still legal to purchase cloves online and have them mailed to you. The worst that customs can do is make you pay taxes on them to get tehm released. However, thanks to our pals at Altria/Phillip Morris, there is an additional bill being proposed which would make it illegal to send any tobacco products through the mail/FedEx/UPS, etc..

    If you feel this might violate your freedoms somehow, I would encourage you to contact your congress-person. The bill is called the PACT Act, senate bill 1147 (google it) which has already passed the House of Representatives and the Senate Judiciary Committee. Once it passes the house and the president signs it, you will be buying all your tobacco over the counter. Thanks Marlboro

    Call your Congress-person at 1-800-828-0498 if you really want to make a difference.

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    Hello Kristina,
    How is the other Djarum Cigarettes that you promised to get it for me ?
    I could not find anything about Djarum cigarettes on eBay anymore, mostly are removed and blocked by the eBay.
    Please note that I need those cigarette packs for my personal collection only.
    Best regards,


    1. Djarum now has Djarum Little Cigars available for their international brands, ie blacks, spash, bali hai, etc. they have less in a pack and i'm told they have a slighty different taste that appears to be from the wrapper. i have no personally tried these as I just found out how djarum got slightly around the ban with this cigar thing and haven't gotten to a smoke shop to pick them up.

    2. you can buy them on ebay but most of them are super uber expensive..i'm talking 20+bucks for1 pack...crazy ridiculous. i've been selling mine for 11 bucks a pack on there which is only 1.50 bucks more than i used to pay for them in my town (near nyc, in nyc they easily sold for 11-12 bucks BEFORE the ban)

    3. there ARE international clove cig sellers online however through searching dozens of them i've not found ANY that offer the international brands such as Splash and Bali Hai (I AM A SPLASH SMOKER) they do have the blacks, specials, supers, menthol, etc. but also keep this in mind when ordering internationally for cigarettes, less cigs per pack sometimes and less packs per cartoon. so do your research before purchasing. most sites tell you straight out but some don't.

    HOPE SOME OF THIS INFO HELPS. SORRY IF SOME OF IT IS A BIG INACCURATE, I ALWAYS SAY RESEARCH STUFF ON YOUR OWN DON'T TAKE SOMEONE'S WORD FOR IT. MOST. I went through a boatload of websites and this info is a culmination of all those sites and info.

    feel free to pm me if anything i posted is unclear[/QUOTE]

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    Buying cloves from Indonesia

    I have purchased clove cigarettes from Indonesian Clove Cigarettes * Cheap Kretek Cigarettes online store with no problem with customs or quality. He sends exactly what you order. My order was received within one week.

    Indonesia to USA

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    Hello Edward,

    You offered about 6 different Djarum Cigarette packs, but actually that you only 4 items to offer, I expect you could assist me to supply it for me, just for Collection not for consumption and you may send it to my daughter's address in USA if you don't want to send outside USA.

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    Djarum Filter Cigars Bali Hai - djabali here is a link for the NEW Bali Hai... i ordered a pack to test them out...

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    Flower Blue help about my bali hai

    my name is Peggy. i would like to find out how to purchase preban djarum bali hai. i can't stand this stupid ban and the new ciggies are ok, but they aren't my REAL bali's. i miss them. can you help? ps: i live in Ohio, preschool teacher. i'd be thrilled to have even one more real bali. thanks. my email is

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    Heart New

    I just bought a carton of Djarum Cloves, Black, online. I ordered them Dec. 27th and they arrived this morning! Same great Djarum Cloves I've been use to for the last 10 years! If you would like the me and I can give you the same website I ordered from...directly from Indonesia! email me (

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    I have been trying SO SO SO SO SO ! hard to get just ONE! pack of blacks for my 21st birthday, And I cannot get them, i have offered to paypal the money to people,,...everything, Nothing left on Ebay. and one guy I found on CL will not answer me....I am in Baltimore MD (Which stupid friggin Maryland has always had them illegal WHICH IS DUMB! not really sure why we cannot smoke Cigs that we want..... Its not weed.. they do not get you high. and I cannot smoke a regular cig to save my life... i get head aches and sick

    Any ways if anyone can help me out to get even just ONE! pack of those tasty Blacks for my birthday (by next Saturday January 16th) Please email me

    Thank you!

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    Devil Wtf!?

    CHRIST! I can't get a straight answer anywhere. Will customs cofiscate Cloves bought overseas that are shipped to the united states? I have heard others are getting them just fine, and I have read the actual ban, but it is very vague. I personally don't want to waste 30-40 bucks if It will not pass customs. Kinda retarted for FDA to ban cigarettes with an EXTREMELY low nicotine and tar count. Even more so that US cigarettes like camel or marlboro have like triple the nicotine and tar plus all the "unknown" crap they put in them.

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    I had no problems getting my cloves through customs after the ban. The clove ban itself only bans the sale of cloves within the US; it is still legal to purchase them outside of the US and it is still legal to have them shipped into the US.

    I also e-mailed the Djarum website earlier today asking if they plan on selling International Brands direct now that it is nearly impossible for those of us in the US to get them, but now that I think about it, they'll probably just pitch the mini-cigars to me. I'll make sure to post again if they say otherwise.

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