Hey yahoo answers ... I'm going to tell you all a little story and i just want to know what you think. tomorrow i am taking a girl that i like ice skating just as friends i guess... or a date ... I'm not sure ... A good friend of mine introduced me to her and well i got to kinda know her and well turns out i like her ... at one point i got her alone and she told me that she is shy .... 'I'm not sure what to do when a girl tells me she is shy.. so i kinda backed off so i would not scare her away. well as soon as i backed off she gets a internet boy friend. Im really not the type to hit on someones girl but they meet over the internet and i don't know this guy. i bet she don't know this guy ether,..... well that's where i am at ... likeing a girl that has a internet boy friend and will hardly speek to me .. because she is shy i guess ... some times she gives me the finger and giggles and every time she playes a game she allways hase to win.......So is ok to go after a girl that has a internet boy friend that she has never meet