Ok...so let's try this again...having issues with my account or something...So I have been breeding QH and Paints for years now. I mainly breed Sorrels and Bays with a little black and I do have 2 vanish roans but I have always bred them with my bay stallion. I recently took on the responsibility of a blue roan who is pregnant.The previous owner died and a car wreck and the family auctioned off all of the land,livestock everything...long sad story she was a wonderful woman. I got 4 of her horses and was informed by one of her family members that the blue roan is pregnant and I have had it confirmed with my vet. PROBLEM: the family was able to locate breeding information and papers on the horses I took and I realized that the breeding of the pregnant mare is Rr and Rr stallion..now I have heard that with those 2 there is a 1 in 4 chance of a lethal roan is it the RR or rr that is lethal I did some research on internet and found two websites but they are going against each other. One says it is the rr and the other says RR..which is correct or anymore websites anyone know of?

Now that i am aware of the breeding I will be speaking with my vet. about it but I was wondering if anyone knew for sure or maybe had an experience with the breeding of Rr and Rr and lost a foal from it or anything...Thank you