Well my fellow WWE'rs how ya doing...well lets see Cyber Sunday is this Sunday and with all the matches coming in to place how do you think it is going to turn out...personally i like the whole fans choice, but they need to give us even more control well at least for championship matches...anyway my assumptions and predictions, IC title match, i can see it being between Rowdy Piper and The "Honky Donkey Man" lol but either way Santino will win, ECW title i see Evan Bourne facing Matt Hardy, Matt of course wins it, WWE Title match, i see it being a Triple Threat, with HHH and Jeff Hardy teaming up against Kozlov in the early going and then taking it out on each other then towards the end Kozlov takes out HHH with a headbutt and then getting tossed out of the ring, Swanton Bomb from Jeff and NEW WORLD CHAMP (well deserved i might add) and for the WORLD TITLE, I see that being rigged somehow, the fans vote in HBK and the match gets under way, Batista dominates the match till the end, Jericho hits the code breaker and Shawn gives a sorry count. Shawn and Jericho start arguing and Batista gets up and dominates a little more then for some reason Shawn waits for Jericho to turn around and goes for the swwet chin music and knocks Batista out cold, and Jericho picks up the victory....(Hey if you cant beat em...join em) Kane and Mysterio (or David vs...THE BIG RED MONSTER lol) in a no holds barrd match...and finally Rey defeats kane and punishes him...Finally Undertaker and Big Show, LAST MAN STANDING MATCH, Undertaker becomes victorious. well let me know what you think alright thanks

i agree with ya it is scripted but in all reality this is what you can expect to happen so yeah it can be predicted either way, why do you think i already assumed this was going to happen