'Raising Mya, I taught her that men want sex from the very beginning,' he says. 'Roses and dinner are just a prelude to what's to come -- pardon the pun.'
Meet Mya's dad Sherman Harrison! Vibe Vixen interviewed him for its cover profile of the R&B chanteuse, a story that proves the whole "if they say interesting shit it doesn't really matter how famous they are" theory of magazine cover subjects. Which is a theory that may or may not actually sell magazines, but it sure made our weekend marginally funner to know that:
  • When Mya's second boyfriend accused her of being spoiled and suburban, she said to herself, "Alright, I'm gonna purchase a gun and start rolling around alone so you can see how real of a bitch I am."
  • Mya is testing her self-discipline by refraining from having sex with the latest guy in her life, who she's been "talking to" for more than a year.Last Valentine's Day, Mya flew six hours and rearranged her entire schedule to see a guy who then stood her up, which is more pathetic than anything we have ever done.

  • After 50 Cent claimed he had fucked her in a song dissing rapper The Game and Mya called him a homo, saying "I don't know how he would get Lloyd Banks confused with me," 50 Cent approached her at a party and called her "gangsta."
  • Mya's creepy stalking of her ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend is the subject of one of her new songs."I became my own private investigator, I found the chick's address, I went riding by. I was calling her cell phone to see if she would be in the background. I had her work number, all of that."Mya drinks Choya plum wine.
Vibe Vixen