Can you imagine life without a purpose? You most likely can't because no matter who you are and no matter what kind of life you have, there will be a purpose on why you are where you are.
Jessica James is an 18 year old honor student who just recently started a new high school. James L Hook high school, the kids that go there are total oppisites then how she was raised. She never had that much money, went to fancy places for dinner. Most people can say she lived a normal life, until one night Jessica's story about who she is came out and ruined her life as she knew it.
Ten years ago in Ashland Mississippi jessica got put into foster care. Nobody told her why she was there, so as a upset little girl she took it out on her foster family. This caused Jessica to bounce back and forth between foster homes through out Mississippi. Jessica wrote in a journal that her mother gave her for her birthday just a week before she got taken away. Day in and day out she was writing, her newest faster family supported her no matter how bad she acted toward them. You would say she found the right people to be her parents.
A year after being at mamma Kim's house Jessica got moved to another foster care family. This time they didn't support her in what she always did, they took her book off of her one night and Todd her foster dad said " this is my house no one and I repeat no one ever gets to write what goes on in here. this is my family and my property, do you under stand!" Jessica tried not to cry because that is her safe book and a part that tells her she wont be far from her real mom. Todd then starts to scream at her for crying at the dinner table and throws the book right at her face and told her " you can write what ever you please but I will read it, and if it says anything about what we do, you my dear won't be writing anything. Under stand?" She quickly replies back with a over cried yes.
Two weeks after Todd told Jessica about writing in her journal she respected what he had to say and she obliged to his terms. She took her time and made up a secret code that looks and sounds like normal words and letters but to her she knows the real meaning. She then got to write the truth everyday and to Todd she was writing nothing else but how she felt that day.

Jessica's birthday was coming up, and every year she goes on the Internet and searches her moms name. Every year she finds the same thing, a picture of a fat lady in a bathing suit. Jessica thinks that seance she's not suppose to know about her mother that the foster care program has Todd block everything about her mother. Todd walked in while she was in mid surf and turned to her with wild eyes "miss. Jessica come her!" He said with out a stutter in a deep voice. "Yes daddy Todd?" "Close your eyes and don't move or something bad will happen!". She is scared, he has never came home and acted this was toward her but to her other faster sister Melissa he did. Jessica is standing as still As she can with her eyes closed tightly. "Don't tighten them, keep them soft as you would be sleeping." So she did, "can I ask you something" " yes hurry or else" "what are you going to do to me?" He takes his hand and rubs her shoulders, and she starts to lessen up. He continued to rub her shoulders then moved down to her arms and evenly got to her waist.
" you can go no" Todd told her "don't write that in your book understand and come see me before bed, momma Mary is going out tonight." She nodded and ran away.