I recently got a phone upgrade with T-mobile. The contract I signed stated that I would not be charged with a migration fee. When the bill came, i was hit with 200 dollars + tax in migration fees. I went to the store where i signed up, and they found that I never qualified for the upgrade, however, due to a system error at T-mobile, I was allowed the upgrade. They refused to void the migration fees and denied me when I asked them to give me a copy of my contract. The ignorant store manager said this -"where is your contract? show me where it says that there is no migration fee?" I then just walked away in disbelief. The contract was done electronically and i never received a copy.

I want to take T-mobile to court for breach of contract, what remedies should i seek? should i file this as a limited or unlimited civil case? is there a possibility for punitive damage?

What about filing fees? could i recover that?