I'm just about to go bed after surviving an all nighter the previous night, so I'm really tired. My neck also really hurts, but I SERIOUSLY doubt it has any relevance. I lie down, begin to get comfy and I experience the sensation that occurs when you lie down, and your body suddenly jolts like you're falling. I know what this is, it's a hypnagogic jerk, I get them all the time. I remain still, dozing off and then just suddenly, I go into some weird stage where everything seems a bit louder, my heart starts beating much faster and I can't move my body. For some odd reason, this really scared me whilst I was in the state, and I started shouting but my mouth wouldn't move, but I could hear myself shouting? I don't even know. My only choice is to just close my eyes and try to get to sleep, but then everyone goes "weird" and I wake myself up. I'm actually anxious about trying to go back to sleep again. Why is this happening?