This comes from my dream journal :Starts off with me and some cousins doing yard work. After we finished, we all go into the house while I wait in the garage. They come back out and are ready to play hide and seek for some reason. Scene change to my cousins bedroom and we playing an MMORPG. Scene change to my uncle driving me to a new school. While we in the car, I'm thinking ( man I have to finish this second semester). I don't know how I remembered that in a dream but didn't remember to reality check. We arrive at the new school walking towards it. Then the scene change to me walking into one of my cousin's room. There was a pretty girl sleeping in the bed and as I was walking towards her, my head was like (I'm about to have sex with her). All of a sudden I wake up. Looking around the room as it is. My sister is still asleep so I decided to go back to sleep (lying on my left side). I was thinking (I want to go back in my dream like people on the internet do)(I also need to do a reality check). I closed my eyes and within seconds, I was back in the dream standing next to that pretty girl sleeping. Before waking her up for sex, I decide to reality check by pushing my right hand through my left. It went through! As soon as it went through, I started feeling weight on the right side of my body and I couldn't move. I closed my eyes and then ended up in my bed sleep paralyzed still lying on my left side. It felt like a real person was laying in me. I tried keeping calm with my eyes closed so I could end up in a different setting. I took a deep breath because it was a little hard to breathe. Then I farted. A few seconds later, I felt the pressure kind of lighten up and then I was able to move again. (It felt like a human got up off me). When I was able to move, I checked my phone and it said 3:15 p.m. I looked away and back, same time. Tried pushing finger through hand, nothing. Went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and counted fingers. Everything was the same.

Question: Why didn't my lucid dream work?