It jist really pisses me off thoigh I know its her relationship.i can just give her she has been dating this 20year old boy she is 20 has her own place given to her by her grandparents in my back yard.she works and makes 8.25 an hour he works and makes an no .he moved in with her three months ago .he doesnt pick up after himself he lives food all over the place he doesnt help pay bills.Christmas she spend a lot of money out gifts for him and his family under the tree he got her a 0 maceys card she dont like maceys but went into the mall to shop ended up shopping for hisself he got the gift to shit her up since she thought he was shopping for everyone else.he lays out of work atleast one day a week.we have been working on her home remodeling its a mobile home so I have a charge account with local dealer that sells mobile.home supplies.he told her he xouldnt paint because he is not a painter .so I help her paint and her dads does.the other work door and vinyl .the bf says my names not on the tittle I dont own it im not working on it or buying supplies .but also lives for fre.I also co sign on her car I put it on my insurance and the other day he was drive I thought I should cancl let her go get her own insurance if he is gonna be driving .he has this 95 bronco he thinks is the shit.its a pice of crap all his money goes on the truck hugh tires lift that ended up messing up some other thjngs because this stuff isnt meant to be in his truck .he is not a tight wad because anything he wants he buys or she buys .he is always "saving up for something make excuses to why he is not helping .he has a good additude thats the only thing he has going for.hisself no furture goals I mean before they met he was laying up at his parents not working so she did rasie hell.enough to make him get a job.he quit school in 10 th cant read or write well .he got his job because someone knew someone kinda thing .i do tell my daughter he go .she said she knows but she isnt gonna make him leave .she can do much better .she lost her bbf because she was running her mouth to her about how he treats her and her bff told her she needs to dump she got a invite to a party but bbf and others daughter he couldnt c ok me .all I can do is give her advice and let it be but one day he will do something or say something wrong and I will set him straight .

Sorry I should have corrected my spelling