at first, i am not an native english speaker so i am sorry if i dont speake right...........

i have a bf. and i ger upset so easily and start arguing and then i finally realize that i am being stupid and most of things i argue about is really tiny things that most nobody gives a fuck and i am really want to change myself. it seems like i don't know when is right to argue. when i have to argue and tell him how i feel, and that time we really have to talk. he is already tired to have a conversation with me because I've already argued to him so much before something really important comes up to us.
i really don't want to argue for stupid tiny things and make him upset, make him cant handle me anymore. but when i start to think something and i make it like really big deal and speak out to him like i am so upset even its not something i have to get upset.

seems like i am not good to control myself. when i realize that i was being stupid, i always apologize. but its always after i made him upset already. he says don't worry. but i always end up with guilty. i know he loves me but i know i cant keep do this to him. i have to change myself. please help me to be a better woman.
i hope you guys understands what I'm trying to say. thank you.