I love Pink Floyd. They made great songs and I looked up to the members. However, I have read things claiming that Roger Waters is anti semetic. Some background information is here:


He was also accused of being anti semetic because of imagery in his show. I think this is Rogers Facebook, where he defends himself of the accusations:


This article talks about how Roger says that Israel should get rid of their wall. Some people are saying that the wall prevents terrorists from attacking Israel I think.


So is Roger anti semetic or does he just not agree with Israel's politics? Can some Pink Floyd fans give me the answer? Thank you!

Also, just curious, does anyone know if the other members share these views?
-Does Roger want terrorists to be able to get to Israel? Or does he think the wall is unjust? Someone please answer this.
-Roger has made some very intelligent comments and has great ideas that are pro-peace and against violence, but these opinions he has are leaving me feeling confused :-/
-the opinions confusing me are the Israel opinions