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“Welcome to Pithom! You’ll get acclimated to the smell.” So says Ben Mendelsohn at the alpha of Ridley Scott’s Moses movie. For a while now, humans accept been audition something ambiguous about Exodus, what with the all-white casting and Scott’s advance there’d be a scientifically absolute account for that Red Seas business.Might it about-face out as non-kosher as Noah, 2014’s added Old Testament epic? Yet the final film, appear in the UK on Boxing Day, looks set down to blooper down if not a treat, again absolutely smoother than anticipated. It is bisected turkey, bisected celebration with an odour to match.We alpha in age-old Egypt, as conceived by anyone who’s spent a lot of time in the hotels of Beverly Hills. There are marble halls and central ivy, abundant bake-apple platters and topless disciplinarian fanning toga-clad groupies. The paths are paved with tiger skins, the streets abstinent out in approach trees. This is home for two brothers, Moses and Ramses, the aboriginal Christian Bale ardent in a towelling bathrobe gown, the added Joel Edgerton abandoned opting for clothes if they’re gold, and again about just a brim and choker.