Hey guys, i just found out about the bitcoin thingo. I'm just wondering if im doing this properly..

So I've got this blockchain account which is suppose to be my wallet? right?

Then i also got this other thing that i downloaded for my computer called multibit and thats where i store wallets? right?

For mining coins im not sure how to do it, but what i got so far is... I downloaded this thing called easy miner which i've attached to my multibit thing so that payments go to my multibit address. I then pressed 'start mining', is there anything else i need to do, is it mining? or i need to do something else?

Theres also this Eclipse thing i went through which also had an account, thats how i found out about easy miner.

So from that, im alittle confused. I have several accounts on eclipse, blockchain and multibit.

Can someone explain what im doing? is it correct? am i mining atm? whats the point of having two wallets?(blockchain and multibit) should i combine them? if so how?


Okay nevermind i changed to GuiMiner and joined a pool called slush.

However, i also downloaded bitcoin, which is where the Guiminer bitcoins will send to.

Now.. Whats the use of multibit? Is it useless now that i have the bitcoin client?

Same with blockchain, is it just another wallet i have?