Okay so last night I had the most realistic dream ever, it was quite strange actually..

I had a dream about this random guy in my sociology class (a guy who I've only spoken to on a few occasions and whom I've been planning to befriend.. We have a lot in common) anyway, in the dream we got into a relationship and I just had this absolutely amazing feeling about me, I felt like i had been overwhelmed with love and emotion and happiness and it was honestly the most realistic feeling within a dream that I have ever experienced. Whilst we walked around town in my dream, he kissed me constantly and, again, I was just overcome by this wave of love and sexual desire. It was safe to say that I was absolutely gutted when I woke up..

But this dream has literally been on my mind the whole day, I saw him in class and it felt so strange. The feeling I experienced in that dream is something I feel I've been deprived of in my waking life.. But why this guy? He's never been on my mind before?