I tried adding brushes to the Brush Presets but when I did this, it caused a serious problem that I cannot get rid of.

Now, whenever I bring up a photo and click on the Brush Tool, the text I typed in my brush preset shows up REALLY BIG on the screen, and acts like it is my cursor, until I move it out of the photo screen into the toolbars.

I have deleted "all" of my brush presets and have shut down PS CS6 several times, but the text still shows up whenever I open a photo and click on the brush tool.

Help, please????? I've spent WAAAAAY too much time on this, and I am trying to set up a watermark stamp to put on my photos, to put on my website. VERY FRUSTRATING, to say the least!

Thanks to anyone who can help me!!!!

Merry Christmas, btw! :O)