So, about a month a go we made a trip to regionals for cross country. In that trip we made some weed cookies and we were fine until someone snitch on us. Being our dumb-self's we were honest to the school and admitted that we did have them. The school were threatening us with calling the police, getting us suspended and all sorts of stuff ( just for we can tell on each other) me being a good student all my 12 years in this town I get in trouble with this situation. There are 5 of us here in ALT School. My question is if your a school board or principle or have any thing to do with school, is there a way other than being here the rest of the year, if we can talk to our principle and see if we can do community service, pay a fine or anything just to be able to go back to our high school. If so what should I do for them to accept our offer. Like I said before I am in top 25 of my class and I don't have any bad record at any of the school here. Ive been in this district for all my life. Thank you.

I go to a high school in texas..