I'm having my primary school graduation dinner dance soon and I need advice on what to wear and what should I do with my hair, should I wear makeup? All that stuff.

I've already found a dress, but I'm not sure if I should wear it. It looks like this, but mine has gold embellishments and is slightly longer with a low back- http://www.loveitsomuch.com/stores/3-4-sleeve-white-lace-dress-for-girls-1352883532,352095.html/105928

What type and colour shoes should I wear with it? Remember this is a primary school grad dance and we'll be doing ballrom dancing and also a bit of hip-hop.

If you think I should wear a different dress, feel free to tell me so.

I have long fairly-straight blue-black hair (yes, it's that dark) that ends right below my breasts and very, very, VERY dark brown eyes. I have an oval face, high cheekbones and very prominent Cupid's bow lips. I'm very slim and tall (164 cm) with long, skinny legs and tanned skin. Thanks in advance!