Choose from these categories:

1. Proper / modern classic
e.g. Ruby, Genevieve, Michael, Dean, Thomas, Alexander, Anthony, Lucy, Alice and etc.

2. Modern and trendeigh:
e.g. Trystin, Freyah, Ryleigh, Brielle, Rayan, Ryder and etc.

2. Modernised classics:
e.g. Beatrix, Tobian, Julia, and etc.

3. Retro:
e.g. Ross, Harley, Marshall, Alicia, Wiley, Rueben, Nellie, Fredrick, Helen and etc.

4. Vintage:
e.g. Violet, Anna, Andrew, Benjamin, Jack, Grace, Annabelle, Samuel and etc.

5. 1880's:
e.g. John, Mary, Elizabeth, Frank, Charles, William, James, Clara and etc.

6. Popular biblical:
e.g. Noah, Joseph, Ethan, Hannah, Jacob, Rachel, Zachary and etc.

7. Real classic:
e.g. Beatrice, Dorothy, Arthur, Henry,

8. Unique:
e.g. Tessa, Saskia, Xena, Atticus, Avier, Ophelia and etc.

9. Other (state what with examples)
@elexia I would say that Malcolm is under retro