Hello to all well recently I've been presented with a problem.
My mom has recently started tracking me through Sprint Family Locator, and i would like to know if there is ANYTHING i can do to at least throw her off enough so that she doesn't get my exact location or what street I'm on or just throw her off completely I don't care make it say I'm in china for god sakes, Just help make it stop. I've read other posts about turning off my GPS & Location setting which I have done.
Also the Night she did that i received messages from sprint one was an activation code another was a message letting me know my moms number was locating me. Does it mean she CAN'T locate me without that code or?
But if anyone knows if those ways will work completely reply let me know my work will be done.
By the way i'm an adult I do my own things and such i live on my own it's just cheaper to be on a family plan, Understand?
So to all the people about to post "Buy your own plan & shut up" Yeah no you shut up i came for help on this situation not you telling me how to live.

If anyone has any ideas or anything else please reply let me know, also I have a Galaxy S4 (:

P.S What if I put it on Airplane mode? Eh ?