So I love to listen to music and pay attention to the quality of the music I'm listening to. All the previous ear buds/ headphones I had owned had their best and worse qualities. From the HTC one earbuds the worst to my beats tours the best. I've done research on all types of phones and buds and of course every one of them has flaws.
-Puregear Purebooms- bass was mediocre but great quality for $15
- Skullcandy- too much bass that made the song hard to hear in a way $30
-HTC one buds- sucked overall (free with HTC?)
Sony MDR-700- was great all over, but uncomfortable to have while in public and traveling $100-$150
-Beats Tours- My best listening phones I ever owned. 0

After research I knew that beats were great quality but not worth the price because they broke easy and all hype. The hardcore audiophiles would of course say "The Stax ear speakers!" Or "Sennheiser HD800!"
I know those are thee top of the line ear speakers or phones that are out there and have the best of the best quality but who really wants to spend $1000-$5000 for a pair of headphones? Now enough blabber. The question I really want to ask is: What are the best quality cans or buds I can get around $100 and stylish? Now please, don't mention any hype brands like Beats, Sony, Bose, etc because everyone knows they are good but they suck in some sort of way (Price, Durability, or just hype).
And if someone knows their headphones, would you recommend V-Moda crossfades, Souls by Luda or SMS by 50?