So my boyfriend and I moved into a house.
We only made a verbal agreement that rent is due each month and only 1 pet. And that was it- no paper work or anything

Now apparently, without mentioning this before, he was expecting his rent on the 1st of each month Wichita is really inconvenient for us BC I work a job and only get paid monthly for it and its I. The middle of the month.

So, on the 2nd, when he didn't get his rent, he Parks his truck outside the door at like 5am and sits there and watches us. I feel like he is stalking us. And then sometimes, he'll even come to the door cursing and harassing us. We have explained to him.time and ttime again that we don't get paid until the 15th of each month. Is this legal for him to act like this?

Also, since he didn't have us sign anything or ever give us proof of payment, does that mean that he is renting illegally? Like tax fraud or something?