I know that he was a dictator, yes, but when Korea was liberated from the Japanese did Kim Il Sung have the best intentions for the people and good ideas but then just go on a power trip once he gained power?

I'm majoring in history and political studies and I read/heard somewhere that he wasn't like Stalin, who, after Lenin died strayed completely away from TRUE communist ideals and turned it into a direct dictatorship. I heard all was good for the North Korean people under his lead for a time but then, as I said above, Kim Il Sung established his seat of power and went on a power trip which continues through his kin today.

Please no bad or derogatory answers!

Think about this. Does the ideal of "Juche" factor into this at all? I watched a documentary once, long time ago, about how the North Korean people absoluetly adore(d) Kim Il Sungs courage of standing up to all the bigger countries and basically telling them to screw themselves, "We don't need you, we have Juche" (which I know didn't work, but hey, it was a good effort... I guess). Surely he wouldn't implement this idea just for the heck of it or just to mix and match with political ideas?

What do you think?