Cast and crew pay between The Tribe DVD400 and 500 people in each series of the Tribe. The descriptions of each set lasted for about 4-6 months. This has occurred mainly in two studies at the center of production of Cloud 9 in Wellington, New Zealand. A permanent set of 'Phoenix Mall' located in Studio A. This isCSI: Las Vegas DVD a massive structure took five weeks to build before shooting, and was said to be the largest set built for the production of the time New Zealand. All the shops were built near the mall contains a specific size realistic Shop andTwo And A Half Men DVD designed to last a long time.All the "Shopping Mall Phoenix" in the first set.Studio B located in the sewers, the rats are using secretly escape Mall Mall and temporary structures that were built for the scenes outside the mall or elsewhere. TheHow I Met Your Mother DVD entire Mall was painted and dressed accordingly to move to another Cloud 9 production was filmed at the same time, Atlantis High.The tribe was also shot on location in and around Wellington. For example, Cloud 9 Studios used as a parking lot outside the mall, Alice and Ellie is Sopranos DVDfarmhouse was built in the rural area of ??the valley of the white man than Hutt.At time, the crew closes streets Wellington this weekend to film scenes that took place in the deserted streets of the city of the tribe were based in.